TerraLex presentation for clients

TerraLex is a leading network of independent law firms, which provides clients with global expertise, with local connections, and seamless and high-quality legal services.

On September 7th, Tim Shannon, TerraLex Chief Business Development Officer, visited Uruguay to join managing parter of OLIVERA Abogados, Ricardo Olivera García and myself, in making a presentation to friends and clients and explain the benefits of using TerraLex’s network.

This event, and Tim Shannon’s presence representing TerraLex, were particularly significant, since OLIVERA Abogados was founded in 1993 and has just entered its 25th year of existence.

TerraLex was founded in 1991 and we were invited to join the network very early, in 1995. Which means that TerraLex has been part of the entire history and the DNA of our firm. We have embraced its principles, and, in return, we have found in the network an extension of our own principles: the excellence in providing legal services, a proactive approach to finding new and more creative opportunities for clients, and a relentless effort to exceed the clients expectations.

OLIVERA Abogados has been an active member of the network, seeking new ways of collaboration with our pier law firms in other countries. One of the key features that make TerraLex unique is the existing bonds between our firms all over the world. This is not just a bunch of high quality law firms, but a group of outstanding professionals that know each other and trust on each other, both professionally and personally. We work together and that is one of the secrets of TerraLex success.

So, how can OLIVERA Abogados participation in TerraLex be of any help a Uruguayan company ?

  • We can get get the right people who know the legal answer. We do not need to build bridges among jurisdictions. The bridges are already there, and we can make them available with connections to local experts.
  • We can provide a platform to offer business opportunities, from expanding the market, to finding a purchaser for a company or real estate or an investor or business partner in the most diverse areas: infrastructure, retail, IT, sports, financial services, food and beverages.
  • We can take care of any matter you have, wherever you have it, with the same trust you have in OLIVERA Abogados.

Basically: Global expertise, with local connections, and seamless and high-quality legal services.


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