Juan Martín Olivera

Associate Professor, IEEM Business School. Partner, Olivera Abogados. LL.M. University of Chicago. Lawyer, Universidad de Montevideo.

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Foto-5I am a lawyer and professor of commercial law and general management. My main areas of research are business organizations, corporate governance and insolvency and company restructuring, with an economic approach to law. I have also written about capital markets’ regulation in Uruguay and the interplay of corporate law and financial theory for the valuation of stock participations.

In 2011, I earned an LLM degree at the University of Chicago Law School. Before that, in 2003, I graduated as a lawyer at the University of Montevideo, in Uruguay, where I have been a Lecturer in the graduate course in Corporations and Business Organizations since 2004. In 2019 I joined IEEM Business School as an Associate Professor for the topics related to my research areas.

I am also a partner of OLIVERA Abogados, one of the most renowned law firms in Uruguay. My practice has been focused mainly in the Corporate area and M&A, providing advice to local and international clients in corporate and business matters in general, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and bankruptcy law, financial structuring, corporate governance, corporate conflicts and contracts. I am also the Vice-president of MFP – Management Fiduciario y Profesional S.A., a professional trustee registered with the Central Bank of Uruguay, providing management and trustee services to clients and administration, real estate and guarantee trusts.

Mentoring students and young professionals is also one of my passions. As a teacher and working with new associates at the firm, this is something I have developed naturally and find it very rewarding. As for hobbies, I love reading and watching movies with no particular preference of genres. So you might see some blogs about this topic now and then. I like to think that I have a natural skill for art (probably inherited that from my grandfather) and drawing is something I very much enjoy, although I am self-taught and, judging for the results, I definitely should take lessons at some point.

I decided to have this personal site primarily in English to reach a broader scope of friends and people that might be interested in what I do and in I what I have to share. However, most of the academic production posted here will be in its original Spanish language.

Olivera Abogados

OLIVERA Abogados is a leading law firm in Uruguay providing comprehensive legal advice to local and international clients. The firm maintains a strong commitment to quality and excellence to render the best service to its clients, through a corporate and interdisciplinary team of professionals, which combines the benefits of complementary specializations and skills and a personalized attention. This has positioned OLIVERA among the top law firms in Uruguay.

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